Dear Parents,

We will be offering Parent-Teacher conferences in a hybrid manner (with an in-person OR Zoom option) on Thursday, September 16, 2021. You must sign up for a time slot to conference with teachers on that date.

Please sign up for a time slot for the teacher(s) you would like to meet with and select whether you will be conferencing in person or via Zoom. If you select "Zoom", you will be emailed a link prior to your conference date.

If you have more than one student, please sign up slots for each student.

If you are unable to conference with teachers on September 16th, please reach out to them via email. (Link to Staff Emails)

Please click on the first link to schedule your conference with your child's Classroom or Specials Teacher. If you would also like to conference with one of our specialists, please see the link toward the end of this email to schedule that conference.

Click on this link to:
Sign Up for Classroom/Specials Teachers:
Mrs. Hoelting - Preschool
Ms. Levin - Preschool
Mrs. Allen - Kindergarten
Mrs. Mans - 1st Grade
Mrs. Olson - 2nd Grade
Mr. Lonwoski - 3rd Grade
Mrs. Randall - 4th Sci/4th SS/5th SS
Mrs. Henkel - 4th/5th/6th Writing
Mrs. Kranau - 4th/5th/6th Math
Mrs. Ochsner - 4th/5th/6th Reading
Mrs. Roach - 5th Sci/6th Sci/6th SS
Mrs. Atwater - K-6 Art (morning slots available)
Mr. Uridil - K-6 Computers (afternoon slots available)
Mrs. Dart - 5th/6th Band (afternoon slots available)
Mrs. Drury - K-6 Vocal Music (afternoon slots available)
Ms. Wright - K-6 Physical Education (afternoon slots available)

Click on this link to:
Sign Up for K-6 Specialists:
Mrs. Coffey - K-6 Resource
Mrs. Fessenden - K-6 Resource
Mrs. Moore - K-6 Reading Specialist/Preschool Coordinator
Mrs. Faimon - K-6 Speech-Language Therapist
Mrs. Henderson - PK-6 Speech-Language Therapist
Mr. Ramsey: PK-6 Guidance Counselor/Behavior Specialist

Please let me know if you have any questions or problems signing up.


Lori Toepfer