Blue Hill Community Schools

Dear Community Member:

As the Blue Hill Community Schools Superintendent, on behalf of the school district, I invite you to participate in the districtwide Community Engagement Meeting.

The Board of Education, the Administrative Leadership Team, and a Strategic Organizational Committee are in the process of stakeholder engagement to identify and address priorities and needs to support and grow student learning. Effective Community Engagement involves key stakeholders working collaboratively to build consensus about future plans for Blue Hill Schools. A critical component of the process is to have a large turnout of community and district stakeholders willing to share their perspectives, thoughts, and ideas about the education taking place in the Blue Hill School District. The stakeholders include any parents, community members, retired citizens, business leaders, teachers, support staff, and students.

We invite you to attend our meeting on Tuesday, September 27, at the school. The meeting will begin promptly at 7:00 pm. Please be prepared to share your brief comments on the following:

1. What are the most important areas the district might focus on to improve and expand learning facilities and grounds? (Functionality of learning space, Safety, and security, building access and parking, Capacity to support student enrollment, Building maintenance, Extracurricular facilities and grounds, Other)

2. What more can the district do to attract students/families to the area to grow enrollment?

3. If you could implement one change to benefit student success, what would it be?

Working together, we can strengthen our student's learning experience and success. On behalf of the students of our community, we appreciate your contribution to this and other school support initiatives.

Thank you in advance for considering this opportunity to participate,

Joél Ruybalid