At Blue Hill Elementary School, we use Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) to encourage positive behaviors and decrease problem behaviors.  We recognize students who are being safe, respectful, and responsible throughout the school day through positive praise from teachers and through giving C.A.T. Tickets.  Students are given C.A.T. tickets by staff members when they are “Caught Acting Terrific” by being safe, respectful, or responsible.  C.A.T. Tickets are displayed on the wall outside the office doors.  A student's name is drawn from the C.A.T. Tickets received each week and that student is celebrated as the "Bobcat of the Week"!

PBIS recognizes that students can only meet behavioral expectations if they know what the expectations are. Everyone learns what’s considered to be appropriate behavior and uses a common language to talk about it. On Wednesday mornings, time is set aside to teach those expectations to all students. Throughout the school day — in class, at lunch, and in the hallways— students understand what’s expected of them.

How PBIS works:

Tier 1 is a schoolwide, universal system for everyone in the school. Students learn basic behavioral expectations, like how to be respectful and kind. School staff members regularly recognize and praise students for good behavior. They may also use small rewards to recognize when students meet the expectations.

Tier 2 provides an extra layer of support for students who continue to struggle with behavior. The school gives those students evidence-based interventions and instruction. 

Tier 3 is the most intensive level. It’s for students who need individualized supports and services because of ongoing behavioral concerns.

The staff and students at Blue Hill Schools are committed to working together to provide a safe, positive, and predictable school environment that encourages learning, cooperation, and respect. It is our goal to foster desirable behaviors that strengthen relationships and strengthen the school community.