As you may have heard from media reports, Nebraska is experiencing the first community exposure to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), including closed schools in Fremont. 

We can expect more of this type of concern for the potential spread of the virus in Nebraska as other exposed individuals are identified. It has been shown that in other countries and now other states that mass quarantines have apparently slowed the spread of the virus.

The Blue Hill Administration is continuing to develop a plan for what may happen if we are unable to have students physically attend our school. Our early plan is to have instruction for homebound students in grades 4-12 through Chromebooks using Google Classroom. Classes for Preschool through grade 3 will be a little more difficult but we are working on ways to get some classroom work to students possibly by teacher videos and documents attached to emails sent to parents.

A plan for containment of the virus in our community may need to be put in place without warning. Please be prepared and thank you for your support as we are all in this together.

Joél Ruybalid